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The Museum of Earth Sciences

The Museum of Earth Sciences was formed within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, ÇOMU. Its primarily aim is to serve students and lovers of nature exhibiting the collections of the various types of minerals, rocks, gemstones and fossils.

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History and Firsts

2009 Founded
2010 E-museum has been launched. (Version 1.0)
2010 IMA (International Mineralogical Association) Receipt Membership and Access.
2010 The first exhibition was opened.
2011 Our first visitors came from outside the university.
2012 The first scientific publication was made.
2012 The museum was moved to its stable.
2014 Recognized by the Ministry Of Culture and Tourism as the museum of earth science and natural history
2015 E-museum, Version 2.0 was released.
2016 1000. Example to reach (Our Purpose).